3D Site Modelling Made Easy!

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Over the past week or so we have been Beta testing a new piece of software we found, helping the developers iron out some last minute bugs and suggesting extensions to make it even more useful.

Many clients have little idea how time consuming and laborious it is converting CAD topographical surveys into meaningful 3D information to work with modelling programmes such as SketchUp.

However, could be an answer to lots of prayers! What once took two days now takes two minutes and all for just a few pounds!

You simply upload you topographical survey as a dxf file and receive, almost instantly, a file to drop into Sketchup that creates your 3D Terrain model for you!

Following our suggestion the developers have taken it a step further.

It now also possible to take a grid of height data, exported for instance directly out of Promap (one of the market leading providers of OS Survey information in digital format)on a 5 x 5m grid, run it through the convertor and hey presto one instant 3D surface mesh…

We signed up for a subscription almost immediately – this little piece of software is going to save everyone a whole heap of time. Perfect for feasibility studies, master planning, urban design, and details site modelling.

Grab it now while you can – we expect the uptake of this to be huge!