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Why Do BWP Architects use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Networking Sites…?

We are often asked by other consultants why do we “bother” with blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites – isn’t just a load of nonsense? Isn’t just for kids and students with nothing better to do with their time?

Well not in our view – in our opinion it’s  a hugely important marketing tool for anyone in today’s world.  It wasn’t that many years ago when it was unusual for a practice to have a website and people were questioning the need for that!

Today’s youth will be tomorrows clients and social networking is how they view the world, how they interact with each other and how they search for information. Almost everyone has smart phones, iPads, netbooks etc and the amount of time we all spend plugged into the internet is astonishing – and this is only ever going to increase.

Most of us have now heard the term SEO (from all the spam emails offering golden promises of improving your Seach Engine Optimisation) and a simple and free way of improving your practices own presence in the virtual world is to get out there are start talking about your practice. Everytime you write a blog, tweet, add something on Facebook that is relevant to what someone may look for using a search engine then this improves your chances of being noticed.

“But what have I got to say that anyone wants to hear?” we are asked as well – it’s not about that (well, not totally) – it’s about being heard! People used to flock to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park to listen to the inane, and sometimes insane, ramblings of whoever felt like standing up and shouting something. Alot of the time people disagreed with what was being said (I say was – does it still happen?) but that didn’t matter – they still went. This is the premise of social networking when looked at from a free marketing free self-promotion point of view.

If you want to get noticed then you have to be out there…. Anyone who doesn’t understand this basic premis is going to struggle in the coming years as the plugged in generation have more and more buying power and influence.

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