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Innovative designs praised by Planning Inspector

The Planning Inspectorate today released their report on the Appeal made against Hart District Council for refusing planning permission for a pair of new contemporary homes for Convery Developments Ltd.

The Inspector granted the appeal and in his report stated that:

…the innovative designs proposed would enliven an otherwise unremarkable line of dwellings.

As part of the information put together by BWP Architects an animation and series of images were created to demonstrate the path of the shadows created by the proposals on the adjoining properties.

The council had cited “overshadowing” as one of their reasons for refusal but the Inspector, having examined the shadow drawings, stated the the “modelled shadow diagrams show that the proposal would have little impact on the amount of sunlight reaching the gardens or windows of the adjoining neighbours.”

3D modelling of designs is a standard service offered by BWP Architects and the importance of sun-path analysis during the design stage is clearly bourne out by the Inspectors decision – without the evidence produced by the model the appeal may not have been granted.