New Contemporary Houses submitted to Planning, Hampshire

[image align=”center” title=”New Contemporary House in Hampshire” width=”550″ height=”275″][/image]

A Full Planning Application has been submitted to East Hants District Council for the construction of two new Contemporary homes for one of our private clients.

The site in Four Marks, Hampshire, is surrounded by protected trees whose Root Protection Zones cover almost the entire site. Use of a piled foundation system with suspended ground floor slabs lifted out of the ground will prevent damage to the roots and will ensure that ground water is still able to get to the roots.

The use of additional insulation, tight air-leakage limits, whole house ventilation with heat recovery, air source heat pumps and wood burning stoves with LED lighting throughout will mean that the energy usage of these buildings is kept to a minimum.  Locally sourced sweet chestnut cladding and rainwater harvesting utilising the space below the ground floor slabs add to the environmental credentials of these houses. As the sweet chestnut weathers and silvers naturally the sculptural houses will blend further into their woodland setting.

Adjacent to the A31, acoustic screening and a heavy masonry structure will limit noise from one side of the site while the north of the site will benefit positively from the passing sound of the occasional train along the adjacent Watercress Line, a volunteer and enthusiast run local steam train line.