Site Appraisal & Feasibility

BWP Architects can undertake an initial briefing and produce Feasibility Studies to examine different ways to maximise accommodation on the site, prepare sketch massing proposals, alternative architectural styles, prepare outline advice on possible planning difficulties, etc. while responding to the specific constraints and opportunities offered by the site, its surroundings and adjacent buildings.

A small number of images from the many Feasibility Studies can be found here.

Terrain Modelling

Using the latest 3-D modelling systems we are able to extract the height data from the site and produce highly accurate terrain models. This enables us to show exactly how a proposed design will respond to its surroundings. These models can be geosynchronised to the specific location on the planet to show the changing impact of light throughout the day and also take into account the shade created by adjacent buildings or trees.

Maximising Development Potential

Early feasibility studies can be used to quickly establish alternative layouts and access points etc. This allows us to realise the best possible solution on the site in terms of orientation, internal and external layout and size. Multiple options can be quickly put together using standard template house-types to consider all options and maximise development