Waverley Borough Council adopt their new Residential Extension Design Guide

Waverely Borough Council have now completed their review of the Supplementary Planning Guidance document on Residential Extensions. This has now officially been adopted and as such all new planning applications for extending homes in Waverley will be measured against this.

We are delighted to see that our lobbying and our comments made on the draft version during the consultation period for this document has secured an acknowledgement of the importance of good quality contemporary design and the SPD now includes the following statement:

This document is not intended to stifle creative and innovative design, but to ensure that relevant aspects are considered at each stage of the development process.

It is acknowledged that this document focuses on the traditional built form, reflecting the majority of planning applications received by Waverley. However, Waverley is supportive of innovative and contemporary modern design were appropriate and is conscious that this evolving area cannot adequately be covered within this SPD.

The advice within this document is that anyone looking to do anything that does not fully comply with the SPD will need to discuss the scheme early on with the planners and prepare a Design Statement regardless of whether one is needed. In addition, the document recognises the importance that Architects play in the design and construction process and adds that Applicants are encouraged to employ an architect or other suitably skilled advisor to ensure that the design issues are properly addressed. This can save you time and money in the long run.

A copy of the Residential Extensions SPD can be downloaded from our website by clicking here.