Master Planning

As well as working with developers to design and build individual houses or small groups of houses BWP Architects also plan new large housing developments of several hundred units.

This involves an understanding of current urban planning issues, knowledge of highways requirements, an appreciation of the economical constraints of working with the largest of the country’s housebuilders while all the time trying to ensure that the overall design produces a cohesive solution that addresses the local planning authorities needs and provides a pleasant place to live for the eventual residents.

A few examples of the Masterplanning projects we’ve been involved in can be found here.


Masterplanning projects undertaken by BWP Architects include the design for a development of around 75 houses based around a new village green for Gold Property Developments, several projects of 300 houses + for Persimmon Yorkshire, smaller developments for Berkeley Homes Southern and the overall masterplan for a new Leisure Park in Cumbria for Gold Property Developments.


Each large scale masterplanning project is approached initially by looking at the developers requirements in terms of the number and type of housing required to make the scheme financially viable. From here, the overall site is planned out paying particular attention to existing site features, terrain, levels, the ‘village centre’ nodes, walking distances etc.

It is important to have regard to highways requirements and the needs of the motor-car but new developments are no longer constrained by this as an immoveable and non-negotiable fundamental. Changes to highway design and a lapsing of the stringent requirements on parking, carriageway widths etc all now allow for a more flexible design approach that can improve the final overall design and experience for those living in these new developments.