Outline Designs

BWP Architects can help clients to firm up their requirements and from this produce outline design schemes and programme, as well as advise on initial budgets and which additional consultants may be required.

Sketch Plans

By working with computer aided design software (CAD) from the outset of the project we can produce highly accurate scaled sketch plans. These are invaluable when considering the initial options for a project. As the design process evolves it is possible to make modifications and multiple revisions quickly and efficiently to get to the best deign for you.

3D Modelling

To assist clients in visualising their projects at the design stage we often work with 3D computer models as we understand that these can offer much more information about the design than looking at flat plans or elevations. Visit our projects page where you will find many examples of our 3D models.


Using the latest software we can place our model of your project onto it’s exactly geographical location and show how the light will penetrate the interior at any specific time of day or date in the year. This can also take into account the surrounding trees, landscaping features and adjacent buildings to give you detailed images of the interior and exterior of your new building. This highly accurate prediction of exterior shadows has been used to great effect to overturn planning refusals based on over-shadowing.