Beachside Restaurant and Boat House

The overall concept is for two bold and dramatic buildings linked by a strong architectural feature that also defines the site and brings the two elements together both visually and functionally.

The curving roughcast concrete wall serves not only to form the rear of the site and to embed the buildings almost within the sand-dunes, giving the appearance that the buildings rise up out of the dunes themselves, but also to act as this visual link between Restaurant and Boat House.

The curved ramp, formed from reclaimed sleepers to be reminiscent of the groynes up and down this part of the coast, gives access to the viewing platform over the restaurant while the sliding timber screens that form two sides of the restaurant give many options to physically expand the restaurant footprint, pulling back in summer to take in the terrace and folding up in winter to provide protection from the cold North Sea winds.

The boat house is located on the end of the site and the first floor viewing platform offers excellent views along the beach in both directions. The boats are stored at ground level immediately in front of the access ramp to the beach and sea. The first floor of the boat house also provides training room and changing rooms.