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Future Homes Commission’s Report now available!


Today the findings of the RIBA’s Future Homes Commission’s independent inquiry into the quality of newly built housing has been published. ‘Building the Homes and Communities Britain Needs’ calls for a revolution in the scale, quality and funding of home-building in order to meet the housing needs of our growing and changing population.

The key recommendations of the Report are:

•  A three-fold increase in the number of new homes being built every year

•  A new, independently managed £10 billion Local Housing Development Fund

•  A greater focus on design in all new homes

•  A more consumer-oriented housing market

•  A lead role for local government

Whether the Report will do any good remains, of course, to be seen! Commissioning expensive Reports is all well and good BUT only if people actually read them, understand them and ACT on the recommendations…

There are some very interesting statistics in the Report including a Poll that suggested only 1 in 4 people would consider buying a new home built within the last 10 years as the public perception is that Housebuilders are making rooms too small, lacking natural light and privacy from the neighbours.

Housebuilders need to read this and look at the evidence building up against the dull, cramped, dark boxes they insist on building…

Planning Authorities need to read this and look at the need for permitting development in sustainable locations and of good quality design…

Financial Backers need to read this and look at the evidence for returns on investment…