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Replacement Single Storey Dwelling in Surrey Hill AONB

This contemporary single storey home has been designed for a client looking to downsize from their existing larger home.

It replaces an brick and pitched roof cottage on the site with a modern, open plan, light filled scheme that maximises out to the gardens to the south. Slim brieze soliel over the south / west facing windows have been added to introduce passive solar control to reduce overheating in summer while allowing low winter sun to enter deep in to the building. Different depths of project were modelled and tested to calculate the number of hours of direct sunlight falling on the glass using the geo-synchronised 3D model and software designed to calculate annual sunlight levels.

Designed to be constructed as a timberframe building to minimise site deliveries, provide cost-effective construction with reduced build-times the flat roof is covered with sedum ‘green’ matting to improve the bio-diversity of the site.

Planning permission is to be submitted to Waverley Borough Council in late Spring 2020.

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