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Contemporary Replacement Home in Farnham Greenbelt, Surrey

This new 330sq.m (3,550sq.ft) replacement contemporary dwelling sits within the large grounds of a smaller dwelling which is to be demolished.

A series of planning applications and Permitted Development Rights approvals were sought to extend and remodel the original dwelling to bulk up the existing property to around 336sq.m and give a volume of around 1,160cu.m and at that point the planning application was submitted to Waverley Borough Council. Despite the limitations of their planning policies to cap the size of replacement dwellings is was acknowledged that the extant permissions would amount to ‘very special circumstances’ to permit this larger replacement home.

The existing house, sitting right on the side of the access track, was effectively single storey with a small room in the cramped loft space. The replacement dwelling is designed to give the appearance of a single storey dwelling through the roof forms and materials yet the ‘bedroom wing’ is a full two storey element giving an increase in the overall height of just 0.6m.

Planning Permission was granted in August 2019 and construction was completed in 2022.

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SIPs Contractor was Bentley Projects